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- 2015 -

Nectar from Heaven - A New World Legend

[ 14 Jan ]
Once upon a time, a child was camping with his parents at their family-owned vineyard. At night, surrounded by total darkness⋯⋯

- 2014 -

Reward of Patience

[ 03 Apr ]
My son returned to Hong Kong to participate in my celebration of reaching an important milestone of my life⋯⋯

Left Bank Bordeaux Cup 2014

[ 12 Mar ]
The weather was uncharacteristically chilly and damp for Hong Kong on this 8th day of March 2014⋯⋯

World Primeur Tasting of 2011 Ornellaia

[ 10 Mar ]
On 4th March 2014, Mr. Leonardo Raspini, Agronomo – General Manager of world renowned Super Tuscan producer Ornellaia, conducted a world primeur tasting of the 2011 vintage for the local media⋯⋯

- 2013 -

Rewards of Patience

[ 25 Dec ]
After an unusual long cold spell with cloudy skies and occasional freezing rain or drizzles, the sun finally came out and showed its glorious self⋯⋯

In God We Trust

[ 30 Oct ]
Years ago I started my corporate life as an auditor and I still remember vividly the motto for a good auditor our manager used to emphasise to us: "In God we trust, all others we check"⋯⋯

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